Bleach Pornography Story: Mine

Bleach Pornography Story: Mine

Chapter 4

Yoruichi looked up from her paperwork with surprise, “Kuchiki-sama, I certainly didn’t expect you to be back so soon!” A frown tugged at her darkly tanned face, “What has Ichigo done to make you so angry?”

Rukia took a deep, calming breath before raising her eyes to meet Yoruichi’s confused golden ones. “What has Ichigo done? Nothing. The question is, what have you done to him and why?” Rukia’s aura was emanating malevolence as she steadily advanced toward Yoruichi. “Tell me, Yoruichi-san, have you ever tasted your own blood before? You’re about to.” Rukia began to smile maniacally, “When I’m done with you, you deceitful bitch, blood will be the only thing you’ll know.”

“Wait a minute…” Yoruichi stood up and held a placating hand toward Rukia, “What in HELL are you talking about? You need to calm down and explain the problem to me.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice? Perhaps Rangiku didn’t explain the, shall we say…antipathy I hold toward those who force sex on others by removing their will to fight? Not only was I drugged, beaten, and raped when I was human by some sick fuck, but during my lifetime, I’ve observed many others who have been attacked in a similar manner-so it’s fairly easy for me to detect the signs. Normally, it is one of my own kind drugging humans to make them more pliant during feeding; I’ve never interfered because, frankly, I could have cared less about those weak beings-however, I have never sunk to that level myself. I haven’t cared about a human’s fate since the moment I was turned…until now.” Rukia had advanced until she was leaning over Yoruichi’s desk. She could feel her nails and fangs lengthening and sharpening in anticipation. “Unfortunately for you, some latent sense of right and wrong has stirred within me-and you’re going to pay the price.”

Yoruichi’s expression darkened for a moment, “He asked for the drugs, Rukia-san.”

Rukia looked startled by Yoruichi’s exclamation and then her expression hardened once more, “You want me to believe he did this to himself? Why would he do something like that?”

“That is exactly what I’m saying, Rukia. Whether you choose to believe me is, of course, your business, but every now and then, when his pain becomes unbearable, he requests this substance to numb himself”

By now, Rukia’s eyes were beginning to return to their normal, sapphire shade and the blood-thirsty demon within was a bit disappointed that there would be no violence.”

“I suppose I’ve let this go on far too long, but I have such a soft spot for this one, that it’s difficult for me to deny him anything. He’s tried to stop-I know that, but when he needs to escape the pain, I give him the drugs.”

“What pain, Yoruichi? What does he need to escape from?” Why am I so interested? Rukia thought. She didn’t know why she cared so much about this man and his pain, but deep inside her, concern for Ichigo was rearing its ugly head. But…why? It was a very uncomfortable feeling for a blood demon that hasn’t had an emotional attachment in 300 years to suddenly feel concern for another’s well-being. To hell with uncomfortable-it was absolutely terrifying! Rukia had every intention of having her fill of Ichigo and moving on just as she had with every other man in recent history. All that changed the moment she saw him lying naked in his bed—it was like a fallen angel had been sent to earth just for her and Rukia didn’t think one night with him would be nearly enough. If she had just wanted to fuck him as planned, then it really shouldn’t have mattered if he was drugged or not as long as he performed. Gaaah…Emotions were such a damn pain! What the hell is wrong with me? I’ve only seen the man for a total of ten minutes…am I losing my damned mind?

“I must admit,” Yoruichi smirked, interrupting Rukia’s silent reverie, “I am a bit surprised that someone of your…ahhh…ethnicity is interested in a mere human’s life.”

Rukia scrambled for an appropriate response. “I am merely…curious. When you’ve been alive as long as I have, the everyday things become mundane and when I’m presented with something that fascinates me, as Ichigo does, I do try to explore it fully.” Che…yeah right, thought Rukia, more like I was obsessed at first site!

“I see…” she said with a nod. Yoruichi inclined her head toward the plush leather chair in front of her desk. “Have a seat, Rukia, there is much to know about Kurosaki Ichigo. Oh, and Rukia, don’t ever threaten me again. You don’t have any clue with whom you’re dealing, young lady.”

Rukia raised her eyebrow and smirked, “Just tell me about him and keep your false bravado to a minimum, please.”

Yoruichi laughed at that, “You are a bold one, ne? Alright, I’ll tell you what I know about him.” The dark-skinned goddess sat back in her chair, crossed her legs and looked intently at the woman sitting across from her, “I met him about four years ago in a town called Karakura…”

Karakura, Fall 1786, Edo Period

Yoruichi was meeting a business associate downtown about some Karakura holdings when she heard the sounds of fighting. Letting curiosity got the better of her, Yoruichi found the source of the disturbance. A boy, perhaps 14 or 15 years old, with a most brilliant mane of orange, was taking on three grown men-and he was definitely holding his own! He was fighting like a demon possessed and Yoruichi’s curiosity was piqued by the raw power and talent at brawling that he displayed. When she got close enough to see his face, she became utterly captivated by him. Yoruichi knew then that she would do whatever it took to possess this wild creature.

The three men eventually got the upper hand and held the boy pinned to the ground when Yoruichi decided to intervene. “See here, gentlemen, it doesn’t seem sporting of you all to beat a young boy like this-perhaps you wouldn’t mind explaining yourselves?”

Not at all madame, this boy was caught stealing. He’s been stealing for a while now, but we finally caught him! We’ll be taking him to the town constable for MORE punishment.”

Well,” Yoruichi said with a thoughtful look, “Perhaps I can rid you of your problem. How much do you think this boy has cost you all? I have several gold coins here that would most likely make all of you rich men-if you would be so kind as to release this boy into my custody?”

The men looked at each other and nodded toward Yoruichi, “You can have the little bastard-we got our beating in on him anyway.”

Yoruichi gave them the coins and the men left. She leaned down in front of the bleeding boy, “Can you get up, young man? I really don’t want to get my gown dirty by carrying you.”

The boy looked up at her with the most beautiful amber eyes she’d ever seen and glared, “I didn’t need your help, lady, I was just letting them think they had the advantage!” He grunted in pain as he pushed himself to his knees. He stood up despite the pain shooting through his body and looked victoriously toward the beautiful woman who had saved him from further injury. “Why did you stop them? What do you want from me?”

Well, for a start, I’d like to buy you some lunch. It looks like you haven’t eaten in a while.”

The boy looked cautiously at Yoruichi, “I don’t know why you’re being so nice to me, but if you want to feed someone, I’ve got two hungry little sisters that could use a good meal. That’s the reason I’ve been stealing-they’re always so hungry and no one really wants to hire a kid my age so I don’t know how else to take care of them.” When the boy finished speaking, he face was flushed with shame at his confession and Yoruichi knew she had her angle.

I would be more than happy to buy the girls’ lunch. Where are they?” The boy looked to his right and waved. Two young girls ran toward him from an alleyway and they both spoke rapidly, “Ichi-nii! We were so scared! Are you okay? Those men were so mean to you!”

I’m ok girls! You see me standing here, dontcha? Yuzu, Karin, this lady is…errr…”

My name is Shihoin Yoruichi but you can all just call me Yoruichi!” She smiled and knelt down to be on the same level as the little girls, “Are you two hungry?”

The girls looked at each other and then at Yoruichi, their eyes lighting up with excitement “Yes ma’am! Do you have some food for us…and Ichi-nii too?”

Ichi-nii, huh? Well, I’ll make a deal with you, if you tell me your big brother’s real name, then I’ll buy enough food for everyone!”

The two girls grinned happily and answered at the same time, “Ichi-nii’s name is Kurosaki Ichigo!” Ichigo grinned ruefully at the girls but his expression fell as he looked back to Yoruichi. “Ummm…we don’t really have anything to wear to eat with you and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be seen with three dirty street urchins…”

Nonsense, dear boy! You will all, of course, go to my hotel room and have baths and I will bring you some clean clothes to wear before we dine.”

The siblings looked at her in stunned silence. Ichigo was the first to speak, “Wh-why would you do that for us? Why would you do any of this for us?”

I’ll explain all of that later. For now, all you need to know is that I feel the need to help your little family. I want you all to get cleaned up now, so follow me and I’ll show you where you can bathe.”

They went to Yoruichi’s hotel and the man at the front desk looked startled to see her with three such dirty individuals, “Shihoin-sama! Are these three bothering you? I will have security come at once…”

Rikichi, I don’t need any assistance from security, I do however need your help. I want you to show these three downstairs to the bathing rooms. See that each of them are given a tub full of warm water and have one of the servants assist the girls with their baths. I’ll go right away and procure clothes for them.” Yoruichi turned to the family, “Will all of you wait in the bathing rooms for me to bring you your new clothes?” The siblings nodded their acceptance and Yoruichi left them in Rikichi’s capable hands.

About 30 minutes later, the girls squealed in excitement when they saw the beautiful dresses Yoruichi-sama had brought for them. Yoruichi left the girls with the maids to dress and went to find Ichigo. She found him minutes later in the men’s bathing area. Yoruichi opened the door quietly just as Ichigo was rising out of the tub. He had his back to the door and Yoruichi was able to get an eyeful of his young, hard body. He was obviously thin but still had plenty of muscle-much more than other boys his age. Ichigo began toweling himself off when he heard the door close softly. He spun around and immediately blushed bright red as he attempted to cover himself from Yoruichi’s hot gaze.

It’s alright, Ichigo, there’s no need to be shy.” Yoruichi spoke softly as though she were calming a frightened animal, “Here are the clothes I bought for you.”

Seeing nothing but his own feet, Ichigo took the clothes from her with one hand while holding the towel closed over his hips with the other.

Alright then, I’ll leave you to get dressed. When you’re finished, please meet me and your sisters in the lobby and we’ll go have dinner from there.”

Ichigo still refused to look at her, “Ahh, sure and th-thanks for the clothes.”

No problem, Ichigo. See you soon.” With that Yoruichi left the room with a smile. If she hadn’t been a bitch in heat before regarding this young man, she certainly was now. Her resolve solidified, Yoruichi went in search of Karin and Yuzu.

Yoruichi and the girls were standing in the lobby chatting about their new clothes when Ichigo appeared. Yoruichi was absolutely floored. She knew the clothes would look good on him but…DAMN! Ichigo’s brilliant orange hair was clean and shining and his face held no trace of the blood and grime that was previously coating it. Its perfection was marred only by a few bruises that had formed (which actually served to turn her on even more). The soft, white cotton button-up shirt fit his slim frame to perfection and was open at the throat giving a glimpse of tanned skin beneath. The shirt was tucked into a pair of brown, soft leather pants that fit snugly against his firm behind. He had on the matching pair of boots and he was still staring at anything except Yoruichi. He looked absolutely delicious-and every woman in that room seemed to notice it. Yoruichi looked on in amusement as they turned quickly away from him-probably ashamed at having such lewd thoughts about a boy his age.

Ichi-nii! You look so handsome!” Karin and Yuzu called out simultaneously.

I agree, girls, your brother looks very nice indeed.” Yoruichi said with a sly grin.

Ichigo’s blush deepened, “Can we just go already? Besides, I don’t look any different than I ever have-I just have on clean clothes!”

Yoruichi laughed, “Alright girls, lets go eat lunch and stop harassing your poor brother.”

They made their way to the hotel’s dining room and were immediately given a table in the corner. “Wow, are you somebody important or something?” Ichigo asked with a small frown, ” They saw you and fell all over themselves to please you.”

Well, I suppose I am a bit important around here since this hotel belongs to me,” Yoruichi said while taking a sip of tea.

Once again, the other three looked at her in awe, “Are you serious?” the trio asked incredulously.

Quite serious. In fact, I own the hotel, the restaurant, and the shop next door,” she said with a grin, “as well as a few other places around town.”

Their food arrived and the girls chatted amiably-mostly with each other-while everyone ate. When they’d had their fill, Yoruichi suggested the girls go next door to her shop and choose some toys and candy.

I don’t think they need to go by themselves, Yoruichi-san.”

Oh, I wasn’t going to make them go alone, Ichigo.” Yoruichi gestured to a woman standing in the doorway and she walked to the table, “Nanao is my personal assistant. Nanao-chan, could you please take Karin and Yuzu next door to do some shopping? They can get anything they want-provided they can carry it out.” As the girls scrambled after Nanao, Ichigo opened his mouth to protest again but Yoruichi stopped him with a raised hand. “Look at them, Ichigo. They’re so happy-surely you don’t mind them being happy little girls-at least for one afternoon?

Of course not, Yoruichi-san, it’s just that…I’m responsible for them and…I worry about them. Also, I don’t know what I’m going to do after you’re done playing dress-up with us. To a rich woman like you, we’re probably just some distraction, but once you’re finished playing around, we’ve got to go back to the real world-and I’ve got to face their disappointment.”

Ichigo, I’m not playing with you and your sisters however, I’m not as altruistic as I may appear. I want you to tell me how you came to be the sole protector of your sisters. Where are your parents?”

Ichigo’s face darkened and for the first time that night, he looked Yoruichi in the eyes and said with a low growl, “It’s none of your damned business.”

Sorry, Ichigo, but you made it my business when you accepted my help. Now, tell me what I want to know as payment for everything I’ve done for you!”

Fine,” he spat, “you wanna know what happened to them? I’ll tell you! Five years ago, my family was perfect. My father and mother, Isshin and Masaki, were alive and well. We had plenty of money and we were all so happy. But that never lasts, does it, Yoruichi-san? One night, my parents took me to see a Bunraku* show. After the show, we were walking home when we were attacked. My father was held captive while one sick son of a bitch proceeded to rape my mother right in front of us both. When I tried to pull the bastard off my mother, I was slammed into a brick wall and knocked unconscious. When I came to, I was alone. There was no sign of my father or my mother and I didn’t know what to do. I went home to see if maybe they just forgot about me but no, they weren’t there. The maid that was staying with the girls for the night cleaned me up and called the constable. They presumed that my parents were dead and called our solicitor the next day. Once the estate was settled and our house was sold, there was only enough money left to last us about a year so after that, I just did the best I could. I work when I can find something to do and when I can’t find work, I steal. There, that’s it. That’s our story. So, yeah, I’m worried about my sisters. They’re the only family I have left and they mean the world to me. Why don’t you quit playing house with them and let us go back to our lives?” Ichigo practically shouted the last as he stood up and leaned over the table.

Sit down, Ichigo,” she said calmly. “I have a proposition for you.” Ichigo flopped back down in his chair and looked out the window. “What kind of proposition?” he asked quietly.

I will make sure your sisters are well taken care of. They may live in one of the hotel suites here in Karakura; I’ll provide them with servants, tutors, and plenty of food to eat- even children their own age to play with…everything a little girl could want. I’ll make sure that their every need is met and if there is something they want, they will only need to ask for it.”

Ichigo looked at her, his face a mixture of hope and suspicion. He half-jokingly asked her, “So who do I have to kill? No one does anything in this life outta the goodness of their heart and I’m sure you’re no exception, Yoruichi-san. What do I have to do to make sure they have that kinda life?”

I’m glad you asked that, Ichigo. You are most correct…this IS going to cost you. The price of your sisters living a life of luxury is, in short, you.” Ichigo’s eyes widened as she continued. “You will belong to me, as my dorei, until I choose to release you-IF I choose to release you. I am a very wealthy woman, Ichigo, and I have holdings all across Japan. You would travel with me to Tokyo and be trained to work in one of those holdings called Seireitei. I will allow you to come back and visit your sisters once a month but other than that, you will stay with me.”

So, I’ll be your slave and work in one of your businesses? How is that enough to guarantee my sisters’ futures? Will I seriously be killing people? I don’t understand…”

So innocent,” Yoruichi said with a small laugh, “Ichigo, you will not be just any dorei, you will become a sex slave. Forced to submit to, and participate in any kind of sexual act I require. I will train you myself but after that’s finished, you will earn your keep by satisfying any woman who has the coin to purchase your services. Do you think you could handle that kind of life, Ichigo?”

Why? Why would you want me for something like that? I’m nobody…and I have weird hair!”

Yoruichi laughed again, “Ah, Ichigo, I can see you’re going to be entertaining to me in more ways than one! I suppose you can’t see yourself, can you? You already have all the raw materials needed to be one of my dorei, but with my help…you will be irresistible! Now, Ichigo, I must have your answer before your sisters return. We’ll have to make up a story for them.”

You swear that they’ll be taken care of and if you get tired of me or if I’m not good at this, you won’t just throw them out? You’ll put it in writing?” He asked suspiciously.

Yes, there will be a contract. No matter how long I keep you, the girls will receive my protection. I will even find them suitable husbands when they are of age,” she replied.

His eyes downcast, Ichigo asked tiredly, “And they’ll never know what I’m doing?”

Never, Ichigo, it will be our secret. The girls will never be allowed near Tokyo.” Yoruichi smiled. She had him!

I…accept, Yoruichi-san. Now, what will we tell Karin and Yuzu?” He asked with a slight frown.

We’ll tell them that I’m employing you as my personal bodyguard and that you must travel with me wherever I go. I think they’ll accept that, don’t you, Ichigo?”

I-I think they’ll accept that. They’re only 10 years old, they would believe pretty much anything I tell them.”

Soon after the deal had been made, Karin and Yuzu returned with their arms full of goodies and Nanao looked completely worn out and frazzled. “Ichi-nii! Look at all the toys and candy we got!”

Ichigo did his best to look excited for their sakes, “That’s great girls, listen, how would you two like to live here permanently?”

The twins gasped in unison, “Could we Ichi-nii? We can all live here together?”

Err…no, not all of us, just you two. Yoruichi-san has asked me to be her personal bodyguard and travel with her across Japan. In exchange, you two can live here, eat, have tutors, and basically do anything you want. I’ll be able to visit once a month and if you need anything, you just have to ask. How does that sound?” Nanao raised her eyebrows and looked at Yoruichi. Yoruichi just shrugged and smiled.

Well, we would rather you stayed with us, Ichi-nii,” Karin frowned, “but we also don’t want to see you stealing and getting beat up again. We would be happy to accept Yoruichi-chan’s kindness!”

Ichigo gave her a half-hearted smile and looked at Yoruichi, “I guess it’s settled then.”

So it is. I’ll have the papers drawn up immediately. Nanao, take the girls upstairs to choose a room of their own. Oh, and Nanao…you’ll be staying with them to make sure they settle in alright.”

Yo-Yoruichi-sama! Th-that’s not in my job description!” Nanao stuttered.

It is now, Nanao-chan,” she said with narrowing eyes, “and these girls better be very happy with your treatment.”

Of course, Yoruichi-sama, we’ll go right away!” she stood quickly. “Come along ladies, we’re off to find you the perfect quarters!” The three of them left Yoruichi and Ichigo alone once more.

Tonight, after your sisters have gone to sleep, you will come to my private suite, the only door on the top floor. Your…education…begins tonight.” Ichigo swallowed and nodded in reply.

“Ichigo and I left for Tokyo the next morning. Not only was he educated in the sensual arts, but I really wanted to foster that which first drew me to him…so I saw to it that he received the best in hand to hand combat as well as weapons training. He was given basic instruction in arithmetic and languages because I wanted him to be a very well-rounded individual. I was absolutely brutal in all aspects of his education-any mistake was met with harsh punishment and through that, he has attained near perfection. The result of all that training was the gorgeous, sensual creature you saw in that room, Rukia. But it came with a steep price for Ichigo. He despises what he has become. He is ashamed of what he is and what he’s done. He eventually stopped visiting his sisters because he didn’t want to sully them with his presence; however he has never complained about his life. He’s always been grateful for the care I’ve given his sisters and would never dream of denying me anything. His only flaw is this addiction he has. Whenever he thinks of what he’s become, the death of his parents or abandoning his sisters, he resorts to numbing the pain.”

Yoruichi sighed, “This is my fault, I’m afraid. I was trying, in my own way, to be kind to him. As I said before, Ichigo is very special to me. I have monitored the instructionof every person in this establishment; Ichigo is one of the very few that I chose to train…personally. There have been so many gorgeous men to walk through my door that most don’t have any effect on me. Ichigo was always different. He possesses a sort of …animal magnetism…that seems to attract anyone that sees him. I was no exception. From the moment I laid eyes on that boy, I knew that I had to have him. He was so good, Rukia, a natural really. I didn’t have to do much teaching in that department-it was like sex was his calling-I simply introduced him to it. I have never had a man make me feel the way Ichigo does-and that’s saying quite a bit!” Yoruichi’s expression hardened, “If not for my jealous husband, I would have kept him to myself and never let anyone else have use of him.”

“Husband!” Rukia exclaimed. “You have a husband?”

“Unfortunately, Rukia-chan, I do. Normally he is very accepting of what I do and with whom I do it, but with Ichigo, he became uncharacteristically jealous-something about me having an unhealthy obsession with him or some such nonsense. Anyhow, the bastard forbade me from sleeping with Ichigo and forced me to put him to work. I believe some of his exact words were ‘fuck him again and I’ll kill the son of a bitch.’ So I gave him up and forced Ichigo to begin taking customers. Of course, he took this in stride-Ichigo was already resigned to his fate-he just didn’t know why it took so long to become a reality. The first time I let an abusive customer have him, I knew she was a truly sadistic bitch that would enjoy giving Ichigo pain. I had, of course, taught him about bondage and abusive sex, but he had never been exposed to someone as dedicated to pain as this bitch was. I decided to be kind and give him this opioid/aphrodisiac combination that calms the user and enhances their experience at the same time. I guess when he took it, he became numb to everything except his pleasure-and he liked that lack of feeling. He never said anything but I could tell how grateful he was to have it. After that, Ichigo would occasionally ask for the drug and I would give it to him. It’s never presented a problem with his performance, so I haven’t stopped him from using. The problem is, I told you before that I don’t coddle my slaves-not even Ichigo. I suppose I’ll have to punish him now for failing to satisfy you.”

“What do you mean?” Rukia asked, “What will you do to him? It’s not that he couldn’t or wouldn’t please me-I wouldn’t let him.”

“Rukia,” Yoruichi sighed, “Every dorei I own in the common room saw you stalk back down here in a huff and they knew you were with Ichigo. If I don’t punish him, they will be up in arms about it. As for what I’m going to do to him? I’m going give him pain, Rukia, lots and lots of pain.” Yoruichi replied tiredly.

The demon in Rukia rejoiced but the woman inside her wept.

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